Absence/Sub Request Instructions

Kelly Services Sub Request Line


All absences must be entered on TIES myLeave.
  1. Access myView link located on the SWMetro website homepage, listed under ‘Staff’ in ‘Quick Links’.
  2. Log on myView using 0288 as the District #, your Username & Password (both are Case Sensitive) 
  3. If you have forgotten your User Name, contact Diane Weckman (952-567-8111) or Jayne Meza (952-567-8108) for assistance. 
  4. If you have forgotten your Password, enter the District #, your Username and choose: ‘I forgot my Password’. Follow prompts to create a new password.  Or, contact Diane or Jayne for additional assistance.
  5. Choose “Leave Request Form’
  6. Choose the month on calendar where the absence will take place if other than the current month.
  7. Double click on the date of the absence or Scroll to ‘Leave Request Form’ located at the bottom of the screen. Choose the correct date, Leave Type/Reason, ‘All Day’ for a full day or start and end times if less than All Day. These times should reflect the time YOU are absent; NOT the time the sub is needed.
  8. If your absence requires a Sub, select ‘Yes’ for ‘Sub Needed’. Enter the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ times for the sub if it differs from the times of your absence.
  9. Optional: Enter a comment for your supervisor.
  10. If you selected ‘YES’ for ‘Sub Needed’ an  ‘Assign a Sub Box’ will appear on the lower left side of page. Default setting is “YES”. If you have NOT prearranged a sub to work for you and need your sub request opened to the Kelly Sub pool, change the selection to ‘NO’. You may also enter a message for the substitute. If your leave request is for more than one day, and a specific sub is assigned, the same sub will be assigned for all days requeste.
  11. You may enter up to 5 leave requests at one time. Click on the 'Request Leave' button to submit your request to TIES and Aesop/Kelly Services.
  12. Choose ‘Request Leave’ to submit your request.
  13. Verify that your leave request posted to your calendar.  If you chose the option to assign a pre-arranged sub you will be instructed to ‘Assign a Sub’ from the available sub list.
  14. Select your Substitute and click ‘Continue with Selection’. A message at the top of the screen tells you that your Substitute request was successful. YOU MUST HAVE CONFIRMATION FROM YOUR SUB PRIOR TO ASSIGNING THEM AS YOUR PRE-ARRANGED SUB ON myLEAVE
  15. After your ‘LEAVE REQUEST’ has processed, scroll to the top of screen and VERIFY the LEAVE REQUEST TRANSMISSION was ‘SUCCESSFUL. If your SUB REQUEST was ‘SUCCESSFUL’, an Aesop APPLE ICON will appear on the date of the leave requested on your calendar. Move your cursor over the icon to view your Confirmation number.
  16. If your ‘SUB REQUEST’ was ‘UNSUCCESFUL’ an ERROR MESSAGE will appear in an ORANGE BOX at the top of your screen.  Notify Diane or Jayne immediately regarding the error message. Contact Kelly Services: 1.866.535.5998 to request a sub until the error has been fixed. Do NOT leave a voicemail for the Kelly team, but wait to speak w/ a Kelly staff member.


*Notify Diane Weckman immediately

 regarding any problems or

error messages*