Crisis and Emergency Planning

School Safety is our Priority
Providing a safe and secure environment for our students to learn is the top priority of SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288. We've taken measures to ensure our staff and students are prepared in the event a crisis situation occurs in or near one of our buildings. A comprehensive Crisis Management Plan has been created to guide our staff through a wide variety of situations, including:

- Missing child
- Bomb or chemical threats
- Medical emergencies
- Intruders
- Gun violence
- Weather emergencies
- And more

Our staff is committed to preventing crisis situations by working closely to build relationships with students, creating a climate of respect and acceptance, and taking swift and fair discipline action when necessary.

What parents need to know during a crisis:
In most situations, the school building is the safest place a student can be. Every effort will be made to keep students safely in the building until they can be reunited with parents.

Your cooperation is needed. In the event of an emergency... 
- Please visit the district website for information and updates about the crisis. 
- Please DO NOT call the school. Phone lines will be needed for emergency communication.
- Please DO NOT attempt to enter the school unless directed by safety personnel.
- Please DO go to the parent/student reunification site and wait to be reunited with your child(ren).

Information will be posted online and will be sent via the School Messenger system. Please visit the School Messenger page to learn more.